onsdag 20 februari 2008

2008 Sidney Myer Fund International Ceramic Award
Entering its 10th year, the 2008 Sidney Myer Fund International Ceramic Award will be the Shepparton Art Gallery’s largest exhibition of international ceramics to date. This year’s judge, contemporary artist Ah Xian, http://www.artmolds.com/ali/halloffame/ah_xian.htm, has expertly short-listed 53 artworks from 20 countries. ... In a move away from the traditional form of the vessel, this year’s entries reveal a global trend towards non-traditional sculptural forms.

Gallery Director Kirsten Paisley said the exhibition was footnoted with two special loans including Ah Xian’s China China – Bust 71 (2002) National Gallery of Victoria, and Jason Lim’s Just Dharma (2007) which represented Singapore in the 2007 Venice Biennale.

“These works propose a new direction for the future of the award; a broadening of ceramic definitions to question the place of the artist-hand and the qualities of permanence and preciousness which have been central to our understanding of ceramic art to date.”

The artworks short-listed highlight their material and technical construction and are characterised by unusual surface treatments, rendered with skill and innovation.
Notions common to contemporary art practice such as interrogations of identity and ethnicity, the nature-culture dichotomy, and spatial and political flux underpin many of these pieces.
To augment the award, the gallery is hosting an international symposium of master-class workshops and seminars, together with an official awards ceremony. Ah Xian, together with a number of prominent Australian and overseas artists, will present at the symposium, providing a platform for cross-cultural learning and exchange.

Acquisitive Awards:

$15,000 Premier Award
$3,500 Friends of Shepparton Art Gallery Society Award of Merit Prize
$3,000 La Trobe University Award of Merit
$2,500 Poyntzpass Pioneer Award of Merit

Exhibiting artists include:Avi Amesbury (Aus), Ruth Elizabeth Andell (Aus), Peter Anderson (Aus), Emet Egemen Aslana (Turkey), Karin Bablok (Germany), Leonardo Bartolini (Japan), Jeanette Becklar (Aus), Petra Bittl (Germany), Tony Bond (NZ), Michel Boulay (Aus), Madeleine Child (NZ), Katrin Chittams (Aus), Anna Chrzanowska (Norway), Ying-Yueh Chuang (Canada), Antonella Cimatti (Italy), Gus Clutterbuck (Aus), Kirsten Angela Coelho (Aus), Annette Defoort (Belgium), Rowley Drysdale (Aus), Merran Esson (Aus), Simcha Even-Chen (Israel), Ilara Ghezzi (Switzerland), Makoto Hatori (Japan), Steve Hilton (USA), Mary-Lou Hogarth (Aus), Peter Hoogeboom (Netherlands), Bronwyn Kemp (Aus), Gudrun Klix (Aus), Janet Lee Korakas (Aus), Li-Feng Lo (Aus), Sandra Lockwood (Aus), Liz Low (Aus), William Lungas (Aus), Rebecca Maeder (Switzerland), Anne Mossman (Aus), Akashi Murakami (France), Fiona Murphy (Aus), Karin Oestberg (Sweden), Maria Parmenter (Aus), Laurie Rolland (Canada), Ian Paul Rylatt (UK), Ichiyo Sawada (Japan), Amanda Schultz (Aus), Avital Sheffer (Aus), Angela Valamanesh (Aus), Maria Vanhees (Aus), Sasha Wardell (UK), Hong-Ling Wee (Singapore/USA), Liz Williams (Aus), Helen Yau (NZ), Meng Zhao (USA)

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